Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The lovely Bell Wether.

We’ve changed our logo a little.  Refined it.  Using instead, the original wood engraving which was created for Di by a dear friend, rather a few years ago.  Truly beautifully made.  It signifies the Bell Wether, essentially the ram that would become a trusting guide of the flock.  Insightful, and at peace.  Also it remembers the many beautiful moments Di spent on the Isle of Skye where she was at the time it was made.

hand drawn
story - intention

Some beautiful words by Eleanor Farjeon, which just seemed to pair so well with the sentiment behind the image ... a lovely thought:

It marks a continuing time where hand crafted is living ... progress,
and a generous giver of peace.  

we hope you like it 

what do you think?

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