Monday, 7 October 2013

A little catch up. Ideal with tea.

It’s been so so long everyone … our dearest apologies.  Such a wealth of story to catch up with.  There have been such rich developments lately too.  Its so wonderful to see the complete process through of designing and creating a new piece… the Flourishing.  So special when Autumn seems to be in flow and colour becomes richer.  Feels fitting.  So …  Di and Sheila are in Shetland for the great event that is Shetland Wool Week.  An amazing experience and atmosphere it’s sure to be. The launch of our new collection patterns are being released... imminently   Which we’re greatly excited about.  They are quite definitive pieces;  they have come to so well symbolise a focused interpretation of the journey of the creations up to the now…  ‘Designs emerging from our path’.

Some visual snippets of the recent story with Di Gilpin … 
rich with ideas and time
a pattern of colour, now in Tokyo ... more insight to come about that greatness

the baskets are brimming
rich layers of Autumn 
labelled and tucked in
perfect leave imprinted earthenware buttons 
by local ceramicist Gareth Baglow
thoughts of Correyvreckan 

turns and snug
elements drawn together
 yarn samples ... joy
forever warming star  

Please let us know what you think, 
what knitwear means to you ...

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  1. Oooo, lovely yarns and knitty things. I'm coveting that golden shrug.
    Hmmmm, knitwear means warmth (obvious;), comfort, continuity, thoughtfulness, loving thoughts, the best of good intentions.