Thursday, 8 August 2013

Blank white page

A blank white sketchbook page is daunting and exciting. A bare white blog is equally so. 

Where to begin? With three decades spent knitting in Scotland, there are lots of stories to share. Since 2011, when the company was relaunched as Di Gilpin Ltd., we've been designing and producing knitwear for brands that we love, and meeting inspiring people along the way. 

This blog is a place to look back and smile at the early years (the overriding memory is careering around Skye on a bike loaded with knitwear), to document our recent collaborations, and to share stories and influences. 

Most of all, this blog is a place for our excitement about knitting and our work to bubble over. Essentially, it is a place to record life, adventures and inspirations in the Bothy Studio.


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